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When each team member has an average experience in the industry of 20 years, you know what you're talking about.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Meet the Team

Paul Jo‍‍‍n‍‍‍es

Technica‍‍‍l Director

Paul is the Technical Director at smart. Paul previously worked as the Vice President of Sales in Asia whilst in tandem being the Vice President of Engineering and Asset management for a large international corporation. With an extensive background in Engineering and Electronics, Paul has delivered large projects from the c‍‍‍onstruction of a state of the art Data Centre to a m‍‍‍ultimillion dollar refurbishment of a large facility in Asia.

Mark ‍‍‍B‍‍‍ell

Engineering Dire‍‍‍ctor

Mark is the Engineer Director here at smart. Having worked closely with the key machine manufacturers through to implementing benchmark operational processes in facilities throughout the world, Mark‍‍‍ understands what a production facility ‍‍‍requires. This spectrum of experience enables Mark to provide timely and accurate knowledge on the fundamental workings of the core production assets.

Hywel P‍‍‍rice‍‍‍

‍‍‍Commerc‍‍‍ial Director

Hywel is the Commercial Director here at smart. Hywel has time and time again proven his business acumen enables him to drive positive change. Having most recently been the Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain where he was able to consistently deliver double digit cost savings on annual basis. He utilises his experience as the Vice President of Customer Service to work with people and be a boon for his team.

‍‍‍Nigel ‍‍‍‍‍‍Sealey‍‍‍


‍‍‍‍‍‍Nigel is the CEO here at smart. A well recognised industry leader, he has led teams and reshaped the footprint of the organisations he has driven. Having served in numerous roles including CEO, COO and President of an array international corporations Nigel consistently delivers. He has the charisma and the ability to drive, negotiate and empower. At the forefront of a number of high profile global mergers and acquisitions, Nigel has a proven reputation for leadership, experience ‍‍‍an‍‍‍d execution in the industry its private equity partners.

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‍‍‍Dave is the Project Director at smart. Dave's career began as an engineer, rolling his sleeves up and getting it done. From here he has harnessed his engineering background and has applied this understanding to numerous projects across all major continents. Dave has led the project management for anything from a small personalisation facility to green field 'super sites'.‍‍‍

Dave Hatch


Project‍‍‍ Director