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The necessity for secure, durable products with an increasingly complex array of high security features means a high entry level for potential suppliers. Managing an initial demand spike with a subsequent lower on going demand requires innovative thinking and judicious operational management. Our team are here to enable a successful start up or the development of Identity product manufacturing and personalisation within a increasingly demanding secure environment.

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With the best part of 1.7 billion adults remaining unbanked, the demand for payment cards continues to increase year on year. Mature markets demand more complexity, differential features and technology migration from traditional contact to dual interface and more. Emerging markets, on the other hand, typically focus on high volume low value. To be competitive demands manufacturing efficiencies at a new whilst simultaneously ensuring levels of compliances continue to be met. The smart team are able to provide the right-touch approach.


The evolution of Smart Cards in Mass Transit, Access, Smart Cities, Health Care and many other applications results in demands for multi functional products embracing both contact and contactless technologies as part of an integrated technology solutions. We are proud to continuously provide support to ensure the right decisions are made in terms of make versus buy and ensuring technical requirements are fully understand from the outset.

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We have gathered the team to provide the full suite of smart services. Between us we have a collective experience of over 100 years in the industries we cover. Utilising our passion, our know-how and by rolling up our sleeves we have successfully delivered a plethora of projects for; Private Equity, Market Entrants, Established Players, Financial Institutions and many others.

We are the team that has been there and done it.

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Whether you're manufacturing Banking Cards, Identity Cards, Passports, Transport Cards, Cash, RFID products, SIM cards or ancillaries for any of these products. In todays fast moving world, best practice application and taking the right-touch approach is non-negotiable.

With Data breaches and personal data at the forefront of todays news, the seemingly ever increasing requirements we must apply appear un-abating. Taking these challenges and turning them into boons for our customers and driving cost-efficient and on-time products to their customers.


Support functions are critical enablers within an organisation. Whether you're looking at Security, Quality, IT, Engineering, Procurement, HR or whatever else, your organisations goals need to be aligned.


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Competitiveness is the primary driver for suppliers in this commodity driven market. Lowest cost of manufacture and personalisation combined with value added fulfilment and packaging are key components for a successful supplier in this market. Taking both high volume throughput and in line quality control are key as is the necessity to build in flexibility to enabling peaks and troughs in demand to be absorbed. The team we have gathered at smart will help you take the right decisions.


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